Wednesday, August 21

Easy Top Down Baby Mitts

I think it's official. I just completed my very first pattern. It's not on PDF, but it will have to do for my very first written pattern.

I'm shocked I even had the patience to do it. Even though it was so simple. You can crank these little mitts out in a flash, but I find writing patters very tedious.

I'm excited and I hope I'm able to create more. This was so much fun!


Update: Although I don't have a PDF available on Ravelry you can download the pattern in PDF format!

Monday, August 19

Los Treasures Found

lost treasures found by Maharet Raider
lost treasures found, a photo by Maharet Raider on Flickr.

This was the last thing Mom ever saw me knit. God how her eyes lit up. I'll never forget her beautiful smile that day. Never.

I'll always regret not staying at the hospital that day. She asked me to stay after I'd finished the shawl, but it was a weekday and I was so tired. I had to go to work. I should have stayed. I just should have.

I forgot the shawl at the hospital that night. The next day I found it and could have sworn I took it home, but before you knew it mom was in ICU and I was going out of my mind. I thought I'd taken the shawl to ICU with me, but I couldn't find it. I wanted to lay it on mom. Give her something to touch...

It was gone. And before you could blink so was mom. I lamented the loss of that shawl for an entire year. I remembered mom's face every time I thought about it. I'd go on rampages looking for it. In the car, the garage, my house, my sister's house...I even checked her car a few times. I was so angry that I couldn't find it. I cursed the nurses for stealing it. I cursed everyone. I wanted that scarf. I even thought my husband threw it away accidentally.

Everytime I thought about it I was filled with anger and despair. I couldn't believe that I had lost it. I'd bring it up to my sister and she would say mom took it with her. This would sometimes quiet me down about it for a while until the rage would start all over again and I'd look and look and look.

One day, I simply accepted it and stopped looking. I knew it was in my house. I just knew it. So I started taking better care of myself. Started trying to get healthy again and eating right. Took better care of my home and everyone in it. I was counting down to the anniversary of moms death. Preparing to greive.

I put too much pressure on myself at work. Took on too many responsabilities. But I got through it and past it and before you knew it there I was...feeling good about myself and like I could breath a little better, but I was alone and missing my husband who was away on military duty.

One day I decided to clean his side of the room and dropped something at the foot of the bed. I bent over and picked up a grocery store bag in a flash just as I spotted it. I moved so fast everything blurred on the way down to snatch the bag out from under the bed. It was only sticking out just enough. Where the hell???

It was my scarf and I gasped like a madwoman and ripped the bag open, collapsed on the bed and wept into it for so long. The gasps and sobs wracked my body crushing my chest. I felt like I was going to die. I don't know why I reacted that way, and even though I felt like I would stop breathing any second I didn't stop myself. I just let it out.

I wouldn't call that catharsis. There was no relief at the end of those tears. Perhaps at the end of that day.

I still can't believe it took over a year to find that scarf, but found it I did. It's hanging in my closet. I look at it every day and every day that I do I think of my mom.

Monday, July 23

First Amigurumi Teddy

Gave this little guy to my niece for her birthday last year. Probably not the best b-day present in her mind, but certainly the best I've ever given. I was so happy with it I could have died. I nearly didn't give it to her either. LOL

I'm not great at making things and giving them away. I'm a little selfish with my creations like that. The ones I do part with though are in my mind the most amazing creations on this earf. 

Thursday, May 17

My First Miscrafted Sockie

learning to use all my dp knitting needles to knit a sock today. i’ve done well and i’m very pleased with myself so far. it’s a little loose and the sock is going to be too big, but it’s my first and it doesn’t matter. i’m loving it and i hate to stop just to go to bed. but then i’m left sitting at my desk wondering why i’m so emo all day long. so going to get some rest so i can concentrate on my sockie tomorrow. so happy. wish rigid could see my sock. he’s be so proud of me.

Facebook: "I've learned a ton with these little knitting needles and I'm finally learning how to use them all. Knitting a sock!!!! ME....A SOCK!

Couldn't have done it without you. :) xoxo — with Virginia Freeman Robb.

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Thursday, May 10

Bunny Toy For The Kittehs

103 This little buns came from Lion Brand Yarns free patterns. I wanted to make the cats some toys, but I think I just made this and a few other things like some collars with flowers. Nothing much else because I got a little call up with other things. This was fun though and one of my favorite little toys. I never did give it to the cats. So sad.


Wednesday, May 9

Neko Cat Amigurumi

Okay, I’m trying my hand at this updating business. I’ve crafted quite a few things since I started this little misadventure, but I’ve not bothered to post anything up. Mostly because I’m confused as to the myriad of posting possibilities. I’m so freaking confused I have no idea what system I should use anymore. I like the livewriter because adding pictures is very easy, but I still prefer to use blogger no matter what.

Enough said. The important thing here is my little kitty. I was trying my hand out at amigurumi when I came across this pattern. I’m sure I had created a few other things, but this is one of those items that really stands out as it was among my first amigurumi creations. I was so happy with it, but I never made another for some reason. Luckily I still have the pattern somewhere. One day maybe I’ll even link the pattern here. It was really easy to follow.

I was so proud of this cat. It really is a shame I never made anymore. I had so many requests from friends, but I just never bothered. Too many things to learn still and I just didn’t want to be bogged down with requests. Takes all the fun, enjoyment and relaxation out of it and after all that’s what it’s all about right?

Monday, November 7

Chronicling My Crafty Adventures

I learned to  crochet and knit form my grandmother when I was very young. She also taught me how to play the piano by ear. My Granny is awsome as hell. I wish I had kept up all the things she taught me, but I didn't.

I've picked up a crochet needle on more than one occasion, but never really truly remembered what to do and so I would inevitably ruin anything I tried to make. 

Recently I decided to pick it back up again and over the last two years I've cranked out a couple of things here and there. 

Last year before my husband went on deployment and probably in the middle of all the insanity I decided to pick up a crochet needle, but this time I would learn how to read patterns. I was sure that if I learned how to read patterns I would be able to do anything. I was right. With the help of the internet, Lion Brand yarn & The Happy Hooker: Stitch & Bitch Crochet I was able to learn the basics and more. 

Since I got the Happy Hooker I've managed to crank out a few lovely items, but before I get to all those I'll start with the few items I came up with last year in the posts to come. I really am looking forward to chronicling my adventure so far and seeing what I can come up with next. 

See, this crochet/knitting thing...I can always get better just as easily as I can put one foot in front of the other. That's something I can't say about anything else.