Thursday, May 17

My First Miscrafted Sockie

learning to use all my dp knitting needles to knit a sock today. i’ve done well and i’m very pleased with myself so far. it’s a little loose and the sock is going to be too big, but it’s my first and it doesn’t matter. i’m loving it and i hate to stop just to go to bed. but then i’m left sitting at my desk wondering why i’m so emo all day long. so going to get some rest so i can concentrate on my sockie tomorrow. so happy. wish rigid could see my sock. he’s be so proud of me.

Facebook: "I've learned a ton with these little knitting needles and I'm finally learning how to use them all. Knitting a sock!!!! ME....A SOCK!

Couldn't have done it without you. :) xoxo — with Virginia Freeman Robb.

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