Monday, November 7

Chronicling My Crafty Adventures

I learned to  crochet and knit form my grandmother when I was very young. She also taught me how to play the piano by ear. My Granny is awsome as hell. I wish I had kept up all the things she taught me, but I didn't.

I've picked up a crochet needle on more than one occasion, but never really truly remembered what to do and so I would inevitably ruin anything I tried to make. 

Recently I decided to pick it back up again and over the last two years I've cranked out a couple of things here and there. 

Last year before my husband went on deployment and probably in the middle of all the insanity I decided to pick up a crochet needle, but this time I would learn how to read patterns. I was sure that if I learned how to read patterns I would be able to do anything. I was right. With the help of the internet, Lion Brand yarn & The Happy Hooker: Stitch & Bitch Crochet I was able to learn the basics and more. 

Since I got the Happy Hooker I've managed to crank out a few lovely items, but before I get to all those I'll start with the few items I came up with last year in the posts to come. I really am looking forward to chronicling my adventure so far and seeing what I can come up with next. 

See, this crochet/knitting thing...I can always get better just as easily as I can put one foot in front of the other. That's something I can't say about anything else. 

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