Wednesday, May 9

Neko Cat Amigurumi

Okay, I’m trying my hand at this updating business. I’ve crafted quite a few things since I started this little misadventure, but I’ve not bothered to post anything up. Mostly because I’m confused as to the myriad of posting possibilities. I’m so freaking confused I have no idea what system I should use anymore. I like the livewriter because adding pictures is very easy, but I still prefer to use blogger no matter what.

Enough said. The important thing here is my little kitty. I was trying my hand out at amigurumi when I came across this pattern. I’m sure I had created a few other things, but this is one of those items that really stands out as it was among my first amigurumi creations. I was so happy with it, but I never made another for some reason. Luckily I still have the pattern somewhere. One day maybe I’ll even link the pattern here. It was really easy to follow.

I was so proud of this cat. It really is a shame I never made anymore. I had so many requests from friends, but I just never bothered. Too many things to learn still and I just didn’t want to be bogged down with requests. Takes all the fun, enjoyment and relaxation out of it and after all that’s what it’s all about right?

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